Set up the Software and GUI



We will use Arduino to upload the firmware to your Arduino mainboard and use Processing as the GUI to view the wave of EMG.

Open Arduino IDE load the BarGraphArduino.ino sketch and upload to your Arduino.

OK, then open Processing and load the BarGraphProcessing.pde.


//Set your serial port here (look at list printed when you run the application once)
String V3 = Serial.list()[1];

Pay attention to this line of code, used to choose the COM port number of your Arduino mainboard. We need to set the correct order, this can be determined by open the Device manager and see the COM port list. Here on my computer, there are two COM ports, the second COM port is for my Arduino, then the order is 1(start from 0). 

Then click Run icon to lunch the GUI application.

If every is OK, strench your muscle, you will see the below: