Getting Started with Duinopeak Robot

Instructions before getting started with the Robot

  1. Can only use the same kind of nickel metal hydride rechargeable batteries, because our management circuit and the corresponding chip for nickel metal hydride rechargeable management, other types of batteries may cause damage to ArduinoRobot. Pay attention to the battery positive and negative polarity. General AA alkaline or acid battery can be used, but can not be recharge.
  2. The Duinopeak Robot use a new compass chip, please refer to the wiki for update the code library. Arduino official use of the old version of the compass chip, we use a new digital compass chip HMC5883 which have three axis, the corresponding compass library ensure that the compass function interface conform with Arduino official and optimized.
  3. If you want to re-burning the bootload of the Robot, you need to remove the TFT LCD module, because the LCD takes the SPI interface which the programmer to use.

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